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"We make space for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth by cultivating love, kindness, and compassion.”

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“Our mission is to inspire our community to live a conscious, healthy life through yoga and meditation. Peace Love Yoga is a space for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. As a community we will cultivate love, kindness, and compassion . We offer playful classes designed for all levels of experience with the intention to elevate the classes practice overtime. We are committed teachers and students who embrace personal growth, fulfillment, and well being through balance, self awareness, breath, and alignment ”
-Natalie Vargas, Founder

Beginner's Guide to Yoga 

"I never thought I'd be a yogi.  Then I tried a class at PLY.  

I've been hooked since I stepped in the studio doors. ”


"If you are looking to learn about yoga, relax, or just sweat

this is the place to do so."


"thanks to Natalie and the other instructors at PLY, I've found myself coming back to my mat, 

both in and out of the studio for the mental benefits it brings."

-Julie, PLY client

"My son saw how much I loved PLY, 


and now he goes twice a week, too!"

-Kathy, PLY client

"It's a place I go to in order to reconnect with myself, and leave feeling blessed...

PLY is a wonderful yoga family atmosphere! Namaste!

-melanie, PLY client

Vineland, New Jersey

Peace Love Yoga 

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